I formaggi della Valsassina  € 14
Tasting of cheeses from Ballabio, in the heart of Valsassina area, served with our production mustard

Formaggio Duman sweet blue cheese with a delicate flavor, produced with both cow’s and goat’s milk paste
Formaggio Crudo Naturale that has a semi-cooked dough, it is produced with fresh raw cow’s milk. Thanks to the use of only milk ferments naturally present in milk, its taste is fresh and genuine. Minimum seasoning 40 days
Formaggio Casaro from cow’s milk and with an hard consistency, it is typical of Valsassina, matured for 150 days
Formaggio Pressato with a cooked dough and an average maturing of about 60 days, it is produced with goat’s milk and cow’s milk. Suitable for everyone’s mouth, it is characterized by a light goat aftertaste
Latteria di capra goat’s milk cheese with semi-cooked dough. Minimum seasoning of 45 days.

I formaggi del fienile  € 14
with jam and honey

Formaggio Occhiato from cow’s milk matured for 60 days, produced in Valchiavenna
Pecorino DOP Toscano produced in Tuscany with sheep’s milk, matured for about 30 days
Salva Cremasco DOP of semi-hard cow’s milk obtained from the processing of raw milk
Quader de Cavra a soft paste, made with goat’s milk. Seasoning for 35 days
Blu di Bufala blue cheese produced 100% with Buffalo milk

Formaggio singolo a scelta  € 7,50
Single cheese of your choice from the proposed selection